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Hello, That’s me Pallavidutta from Mumbai. I am going to share a little bit about me here. You have seen lots of escorts in Mumbai but you haven’t seen me. Know all about us and the service that we provide here.

I am going to share my experience here at Mumbai Escorts. Hope you will love my services of me in Mumbai.

Actually, I am from Technical background, but my job is not so profitable. I also lots of habits which peoples would not accept.

I will share my whole journey of how I enter escorts in Mumbai and much more. So You will really enjoy it.

Pallavidutta, Mean me I am the Sexiest female young lady, who does not look like a whore but when clients meet me at their place, they really get shocked to see.

I am doing this since 2018, so it’s 2 years passed, and now the third is currently running. This will excite you more than I am currently available in your area also.

So you can book me at a cheap rate. It’s my opinion that life is too small. We just have to enjoy every single moment of life, And I am doing this.

How I made myself as the queen of heart in Mumbai:- About Us

So I just discussed how I met in this agency, the turning point of my life is when I decide to be an escort in Mumbai.

I am totally alone, and I have no family members. I just collect little-little happiness through clients who can get my services.

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